About us

Occa, a world of creativity in colorful furniture accessories.

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From accessories mainly for military use …

Our confection workshop has existed for over 45 years bearing the name Confect Schockaert. Up until 2020, we specialized in the production of military-oriented accessories in ditto colors such as beige, khaki, and black.

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… to a world of extreme creativity

There came a time when we wanted to escape the monotony of products and colors. We decided to do something with our passion for (vintage) design and found ourselves rolling into the creative world of colorful furniture accessories, in particular cushions for indoor and outdoor furniture. We have been fans of Missoni Home for years, so a decision was swiftly made: we would use fabrics from that exclusive brand to produce unique accessories. From that moment onwards, an entirely new world opened up for us, and it is gradually expanding …

On the origin of Occa

A name change was imminent, as the name Confect Schockaert is undeniably associated with the military and thus irreconcilable with the new creative wing of our company. It was from a brainstorming session with the family that the name OCCA emerged.

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Occa, not just one meaning

The word “occa” is Italian for “goose,” which is the swimming bird the street where our studio is located was named after. It is called “Ganzendries”.

In addition, the goose is adorned in a soft and protective waterproof feather suit. That makes you think of a soft cushion almost immediately, doesn’t it?

And, as it happens, the sound occa also appears in the name Schockaert.

We are up for it. Are you up for more Occa?

Occa textiel

Need textile accessories tailored to your interior or exterior?

The driving forces of Occa

Occa drijfveer Kristine


Occa drijfveer Filip


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Occa atelier Erpe-Mere

Our workshop in Erondegem

We run the complete chain from raw material to finished product in our workshop in Erondegem. We draw patterns digitally and send them to our CNC-controlled cutting machine that cuts the fabrics to the millimeter with minimum loss. Our experienced seamstresses ensure an impeccable finish. We go for durable and top-notch Belgian!