Home accessories

Exclusive home accessories with spice.

Do you like unique home accessories that stand out? Occa is a Belgian brand of bespoke textile accessories for indoor and outdoor use. Exclusivity does not get any better, because we say no to mass production! Have a stylish wish? Occa has an atelier with enthusiastic seamstresses and durable fabrics!

Colorful living with Occa

Choosing Occa means going for durable, local, unique, and tailor-made products. From limited editions to exclusive designer fabrics.

In our own workshop, we ensure a high-end finish for your home accessories.

And we are equally passionate about exterior accessories!

Buying decorative cushions, ottomans, or rugs? Adding a colorful eye-catcher to your interior has never been so much fun thanks to Occa!

We make bespoke furniture accessories

Bespoke design is what makes Occa so unique. You choose the colors, shapes and style and we create it! In this way you can decorate your home, store, or garden with unusual home accessories for indoors and outdoors. We can also reupholster your furniture!

Wide range of durable fabrics

Want new bespoke home accessories? Choose your unique designer fabrics from Missoni and others or visit our showroom in Erpe-Mere.

Experienced and enthusiastic seamstresses

Our experienced seamstresses make your dream come true and will work with the durable fabrics of your choice in our own workshop in Erondegem.

A striking end result

When your accessories are all finished, you can start enjoying your bespoke home accessories. From decorative cushions to rugs and ottomans!

What home accessories would you like to have created?

Are you dreaming of a new interior or an eye-catching store design? Make an appointment today and let us know what stylish home accessories we can create for you. Need some inspiration? Our showroom in Erpe-Mere is open by appointment!

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to see Occa products on display in real life first?

Yes, it is in our showroom. Just contact us for an appointment and you can see and feel products we have already made up close. We will then work with you to select the fabrics of your desired bespoke products. Of course, you can also choose the products you instantly fell in love with!

What fabrics are possible?

Our seamstresses work with different types of fabrics: from premium designer fabrics to recycled materials. If you choose bespoke Occa, you can also decide on the fabrics yourself, with the help of our team. We ourselves are huge fans of color, but we also offer less colorful, more neutral fabrics, with or without geometric figures. You choose, we create!

Occa’s product offerings go beyond bespoke products. We also offer unique products and reupholstery services. Visit our showroom for inspiration for both interior and exterior accessories. Together we will look for the home accessories that match your style.
Occa has many strengths. We only manufacture our products in small runs from our own workshop. And we do so in accordance with your wishes using durable (raw) materials.
Home accessories made to order? Contact Occa today via our online contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Need textile accessories tailored to your interior or exterior?